Friday, 7 March 2014

Glimpses of glory in Lent - Day 3

'You are the bread of life.
I trust you to feed me with a
to fill me with the smallest

These are the last 2 lines of the poem for today in Stephen Cherry's book, 'Barefoot Prayers'.
They have been in my mind all day.

Nothing spectacular has happened today - or has it?
I was driven to the station by my host for the last 2 nights. He and his wife have given me space, food and rest; unobtrusively they have cared for me.
People have offered to carry my heavy suitcase - people I don't know, people who have noticed.
I have spent the afternoon and evening in a meeting with colleagues, in the context of prayer, sharing work and laughter, companionship and conversation.
I have eaten good food.
I have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

'You fill me with the smallest crumb'.

'Your grace is sufficient for me.'

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