Thursday, 13 March 2014

A centenary celebrated in Great Ayton

On Sunday March 9th Great Ayton Methodist Church celebrated a centenary. At 9.30 we worshipped together in a service of Holy Communion then at 10.45 the second service of the day was a contemporary service of thanksgiving. Two very different styles of worship but one church and one God.

Here are some pictures from the day:

The music group and Rev Catherine Hutton
The congregation at the second service
 In the evening there was to be service of confirmation - 5 young people were being confirmed and they had planned and would lead the worship. Four of them were in this group who led part of the worship in the morning:
 In the morning services we praised God for all that is past  but our focus was on what is now and what is to come. In Great Ayton they are following their own lectionary and at the moment they are working through Mark's Gospel. On Sunday I was asked to preach on Mark 2:1-17. We focused on the reaction of the people when Jesus healed the man brought to him by his friends and let down through the roof. The people were amazed and glorified God. The prayer is that all that the church in Great Ayton is and does will point people towards God so that they might be amazed at what God has done for them.

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