Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Conference 2015

Now as I'm getting ready for Conference I have a wonderful, challenging, tiring and very privileged year to look back on! At my induction I promised the Methodist people that I would give it my very best, and I have done that, but have definitely received much much more than I have given!
My thoughts and prayers are with Steve and Jill as they prepare for Conference and for their new roles.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mental Health Matters 2015

This amazing conference took place over the weekend of 5th to 7th June at Cliff College. The aim was to provide information and help to equip churches to respond to the needs of the mentally ill. It was attended by 120 delegates, and there were speakers and workshops of many subjects including the mental health of the young and the old, surviving depression, safeguarding, chaplaincy, creating supportive churches, substance misuse, and many more. Everyone contributed in a positive way, and the whole conference left us inspired and enabled.

During my year as Vice-President I have made mental health awareness a major focus. This was a great highlight and climax to all of that. Many thanks to members of the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network for working so hard to bring it all together.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


On 30th May I joined members of Outcome for their annual Public Meeting, and preached at its Communion service. Outcome is the Methodist LGBT group. At this meeting members launched their new 5-year strategy for a fully inclusive Methodist church. 'Our vision is that by 2020 the Methodist church will truly affirm equality for all....We will do all we can to support, enable and urge the Church to complete a pilgrimage of faith that leads to full inclusion of LGBTQI people by 2020.' I am proud to support this vision.
For more information, visit the

Wesley Day at Wesley's Chapel

May 24th is the anniversary of the 'warmed heart' experience of John Wesley. It's traditional for the President and Vice-President to celebrate this with a service at Wesley's Chapel followed by a pilgrimage around places of special significance: Wesley's tomb, the grave of Susannah Wesley, and Aldersgate street, where the conversion experience took place. This year it also fell on Pentecost Sunday, appropriately, since this was the time when the Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples and the Christian Church was born.
It was a great thrill for me to take part in these ceremonies, not least to be the preacher at Wesley's Chapel on this special day!