Sunday, 23 March 2014

Glimpses of Glory in Lent - Day 19

Let me be mindful of mental dust (Stephen Cherry - Mindful)

What is mental dust?
It is the fine and fragile stuff. The thoughts and ideas so eeasily hidden under things that seem so much more important and that are so demanding.

I am reminded of the dessert served in a restaurant last week. An apple Galette served with vanilla ice-cream on a plate dusted with icing sugar. It was delicious. The galette and ice-cream were the largest items, they took the attention. The icing sugar was in the background, apparently unimportant, mere decoration but the taste of it flavoured the whole dish. The dessert would not have been the same without the dusting of icing sugar.

The mental dust can often be in the background, hardly noticed but essential.

Often I need to look beyond the obvious things demanding my attention to recognise the important things lying beneath.

This week I will make a real effort to be mindful of the mental dust.

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