Thursday, 13 March 2014

Glimpses of Glory in Lent - Day 9

Conversational blessing
The day began with the words, 'May this day be blessed'
Now there is time for reflection
- time to look back on the day
- time to glimpse the blessing.

I have talked with many people today and been blessed in the conversations.
Blessing is not always easy, not always comfortable.

Blessing has to be received and that means being open to change
- open to challenge
- open to disruption
- open to the movement of the Spirit
- open to renewal
- open to comfort
- open to God.

And there have been words of friendship
- words of encouragement
- expressions of joy at contact made
- conversations ending with a benediction.

This day has been blessed
I pray that I have been part of the blessing.

Reflection based on 'May This Day Be Blessed' - Barefoot Prayers, Stephen Cherry

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