Monday, 24 March 2014

Glimpses of Glory in Lent - Day 20

Thank you God that as a Christian I do not have to deny my body and my humanity. I can rejoice in my senses, my sensuality, and every aspect of my human experience. I can receive and give hugs. I can enjoy food and drink. I can enjoy the exhilaration and challenge of climbing Snowdon or of tandem paragliding. I can exult in a hot shower and relax in a bubble bath. I can remember the smell of roses in the summer and of my babies after bathtime.

Thank you God that in Jesus you have shared my humanity. You too rejoice in senses and sensuality. You know the comfort of touch, the satisfaction of a good meal, the joy of the company of friends. You remember the smells of childhood, the sound of wood being sawn and planed and the taste of olives.

Thank you God that when I am in pain you know what it is to feel your flesh burn and your bones ache. When I am grieving, you know what it is to weep for lost friends, to cry yourself to sleep.When I am desolated you know what it is to be lonely, betrayed and lost.

Thank you God that when I face death, I know that you have been there before me and will accompany me.

You have reached down into the depths. You have come to me so that I can glimpse your glory, I can know you because you have first known me.

This is bodily grace.

(Response to Bodies -Stephen Cherry)

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