Saturday, 31 July 2010


Where is God when all that represents your life is in boxes piled high to the ceiling, and even your furniture is stacked upside down?

Of course the answer is everywhere and in everything as God always is, but where is the listening space and how do I/we find it?

We have somewhere to sleep and somewhere to sit and therefore of course there are places to pray, but...................................!

So, unpack the kitchen - we do need to eat - and then, thanks to the generosity of my husband, unpack and recreate my prayer space. And that is before getting back on line and dealing with the demands of work!

In my own personal "holy place" I can again be still and listen and hear. For others the need and the priority will be different, but where do you go when life is full or boxed or upside down, to hear from the God who loves you whatever is going on?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Eunice and John are travelling to Delhi today on our World Church visit to the Church of North India visiting Delhi, Calcutta and Durgapur.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Christian Aid Party with Bishop Tom Wright at Auckland Castle

Sunday 25th July was spent at Auckland Castle, Bishop Auckland the rather splendid home of the Bishop of Durham Dr Tom Wright who was hosting a final party before he leaves to take up his new post as Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

It was a pleasure to meet the new director of Christian Aid Loretta Minghella OBE (far left of the photo).As chief executive Loretta is responsible for strategic direction, plans and programmes.

The event was called 'Jazz and Jam' a celebration of the work of Christian Aid in the North East.

A beautiful jazz group played whilst champagne and cake (with raspberry jam inside) was served on the lawn. All the refreshments were donated for the event.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Buckingham Palace -The Queen's Garden Party

A fascinating cultural experience on Thursday 22nd July as we attended the Queen's Garden Party in Buckingham Palace.
(photo's are not allowed this was taken as we queued together outside).

Tea was served on the lawn underneath large marquee's (tiny cucumber or ham & picallili sandwich's with a selection of little cakes- strawberry tarts, lemon tarts, victoria sponge & dundee cake with tea, iced coffee or apple juice).

Bands played as we toured the beautiful gardens, a wonderful experience for us all.

(This was the Garden Party Bnp Leader Nick Griffin was prevented from attending!)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wesley Study Centre, Durham -Summer School

Changing for Good........

God's Spirit Transforming People and Communities was the theme of the Wesley Study Centre Event on 13th July 2010 at St John's College, Durham.

Steve Chalke was the keynote speaker alongside workshops and seminars on music in worship with Jane Kitson , preaching imaginatively with Kate Bruce, Halifax Street Angels with Paul Blakey, Wood Sculpture with Paul Lucas and outdoor activities being used to explore christian spirituality with Jane Cook.

Some quotes from Steve Chalke the keynote speaker........

'We have turned Christianity into a leisure pursuit and then we wonder why we don't have passion anymore'

'What is the best discipleship course? ........come follow Jesus into some scary places.'

'It's not about reading the bible it's about absorbing the story.'

Rev'd Paul Lucas made a wood sculpture for the event which participants contributed to making a 'Tree of Life' with words from the Psalms written on.

Seeing Applecart (Phil Summers & Peter Moreton) for the first time re-telling a portion of John's gospel was amazing they were brilliant.

Using storytelling, music and drama they tell Gospel stories in a pub in the east End of London.

It was great to be with my colleagues in Durham for the day where I have the privilege of being a part-time member of staff as a diaconal tutor, it is a wonderful place to work and study.

Click here to visit Wesley Study Centre, Durham website

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Making Connections at Breakout 2010..........

Making Connections at Breakout 2010..........

A brilliant event, professionally co-ordinated by our great Methodist children and youth team.

Well done to everyone involved it was excellent

With loads of energy, fun, humour and enthusiasm we explored the theme of CONNECT

CONNECTing with God

CONNECTing with God's world

CONNECTing with each other

Connecting with God in vibrant worship, music,

In the "Big Top" with the 'signers' leading us.

In "The Well"

Through the Roaming Communion with Rev Jo Cox

Connecting with each other through fun and laughter

and through thoughtful reflection in bible study

It was good to have a chat with some of our young people about what God meant to them and about the positive views they had about thier local church.

Connecting to God in the world in the MRDF Global action tent..........

This venue gave young people the chance to learn about and get involved with Chrisitan organisations who are working with others to make a difference.

The concept

An opportunity to act

All in all the 65th Methodist Youth Weekend and the final Breakout was a fantastic event.

Click here to link to Methodist Young People's website

Monday, 12 July 2010

Here we go................

Two "official" engagements since Conference - back home for two great services with the folk in Slough, and then to Breakout, which was enormous fun. And I am only doing this because I shall be out of touch with everyone for the next couple of weeks. We are moving home. You would think that 18 moves would make it easier, but........................!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

In the Beginning....

And so it begins!

My Wednesday Communion sermon mentioned Spennymoor Gala. I was surprised to find out that when visiting family in Spennymoor the weekend after Conference, what great event should be happening?

Some of the sights and sounds of the Gala

Monday, 5 July 2010

And it's goodbye from me

Well, Richard and I have finished our year and Richard has already signed off from the Blog so it's time for me to do so too. We have had a wonderful year and are very grateful for all the hospitality, friendship, support, love and prayers we have received. I'm sure that Alison and Eunice will be upheld and surrounded by love and prayers in the same way as their year progresses.

Thanks, too, for visiting our blog. It's been a helpful way to keep a record of were we've been, who we've seen and what we've done. And it's been great to discover how many people have followed our progress throughout the year.

I received today some photos from Steve Wild, Chair of the Cornwall District. They were taken after the ordination service at Holy Trinity, Fareham, at which I presided. They show what wonderful weather we had and what a joyful occasion it was. They also show Steve at his most sartorially elegant (and without a frog). So my closing picture is of Liz and me, with Steve.