Tuesday, 25 November 2008

more stories from Yorkshire

I am discovering one of the ways the President (and VP) can be used is to open doors quicker than can sometimes be done locally. I had been invited to preach at Ripon Cathedral on the Sunday morning and it turned o.t to be a wonderful event. The two Methodist Churches in Ripon closed and joined the congregation in the Cathedral whilst the young people and families from all three congregations gathered in the Allhallowgate Methodist Church for all age worship. Our worship in the Cathedral was very special, as was that at Allhallowsgate and there was encouraging conversation among lots of people about doing more together. Thank you to the Dean, Keith Jukes (In the middle of the photo)and to the superintendent minister, Graham Sturdy, for enabling this to happen

The younger minister is Richard Andrew, Director of York Institute for Community Theology. He not only accomapnied me on the Sunday but arranged a good morning with the Vice Chancellor of York St John University and also some staff members. This is an excellent Institute which grew out of a local initiative and is providing excellent trainin g and formation for many lay and ordained people.

The evening worship on the Sunday was at Selby for a circuit service.This was really encouraging to see such a large congregation....but I didn't take any photos (sorry).....and then there was a reception for many of those from across the District who helped in a variety of ways at the Scarborough Conference, a world Church evening (see david's entry) and I understand they raised about £1,500 fantastic!

I spent time on the farm....only photo of Stephen Burgess looking at some cows!!and even a tour of Flyingdales...which was fascinating.

Thank you to all who cared for me, talked to me and shared with me during my time with you. There is so much to encourage and stories to tell of God's amazing grace.

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