Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Workplace as Cathedral

Workplace chaplains
come in all shapes and sizes - from football clubs to retail stores, the police service to the science park.
They are a listening ear and a sign that the church is interested in people in their daily life and work.
So it was a pleasure to be invited by Stephen Willey to join them for part of their Annual Conference, this year held at Ushaw College near Durham.
The theme of the Conference was 'The Workplace as Cathedral' and I was able to stay for their introductory session and a tour of the magnificent Durham Cathedral - including a talk on their chaplaincy to visitors.
I was sorry to miss the rest of the programme which was to take in the Angel of the North and St James' Park. I have aleady met a number of chaplains in situ and it will be good to meet others on our journeyings around the country.
Thanks to Rosa Leto (pictured below) and the others for organising such an imaginative event.

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