Tuesday, 18 November 2008

With local preachers in Pocklington

My visit to the York and Hull District began in Ravenscar where the President and I were please to meet and thank some of the 'backstagers' who had worked so hard for the Methodist Conference in Scarborough this year.
They were a really dedicated crew and had some keen questions for us on the future shape of Conference.
On Saturday morning, whilst the President was playing at being a train driver, I was with the District Local Preachers at the very attractive Pocklington Church.

My theme was 'Communicating faith in ways that make sense' and I concentrated on relevant and rooted preaching; there was good participation by the 30/40 attending.

I was pleased to meet seasoned preacher Harry Smith (pictured below) and we thanked the Conference organiser Gordon Peacock (pictured with his wife) who was retiring after a good stint as District Local Preachers' Secretary.
We enjoyed a healthy lunch and the kitchen ladies kept us well supplied with tea and coffee!


Rach C said...

do all Methodist Churches have the same chairs?
was good to see both of you over the weekend, looking forward to the MYC entry on the blog
Rachel Coates

David Walton said...

I believe they do although it's not covered in Standing Orders! The MYC is now on the blog in cluding a photo of Rachel C.