Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Along the coast from Hull to Filey

(above - Derringham Bank
below - Filey)

It was great to see a full Church at Derringham Bank in Hull where they were celebrating their 75th Anniverary. They have a thriving Boys Brigade which in these days of equality have a good number of girls too; I was also impressed with the Traidcraft stall. The children and adults had been making up shoe boxes to send as practical Chirstmas gifts to children in Eastern Europe.
The Church is currently undergoing a redevelopment programme and the foyer (pictured) is being converted so that it can serve as a coffee lounge at the entrance of the building - which is in a prominent position at the heart of the local community.
Stephen Burgess and I were welcomed by an energetic team of stewards and the local minister, Keith Parr. Also in the congregation was the Rev. Trevor Dixon who had grown up in the Church and was marking his 65th birthday with a return visit.
We had an opportunity over lunch to meet the Super of the Hull Central Mission the Rev Luke Smith together with his wife, the Rev Viv Smith, who serves in the Hull (East) Circuit; with them was Deacon Peter Ogle who is appointed to both Circuits - clearly a man who can multi-task! They have big challenges but a big vision too.
From there we travelled all the way up the coast to Filey to be met by the Rev Chris Kirkman.
He has overseen a major refurbishment of the Church premises and it really is a very welcoming place to be. A circuit choir added to the colour of the worship and it was good to hear encouraging stories of a Boys Brigade which had in increased from 6 to 22 over the last couple of years; and of a music festival which has brought many people through the doors of the Church and will be held again in 2009.
Overall a very positive visit to the York and Hull District. Our thanks to the District Chair and to Heather Shipman for all their careful organisation.


Fat Prophet said...

I really like the photos that are being included on the blog of the Presidential and Vice Presidential visits my only wish is that they had captions so we all knew who was on the pictures and what was going on. I believe this would just add that little 'extra' to the experiences that you are both having.

Thunder708 said...

Thank You For Visiting Us at Derringham Bank, I Really Enjoyed THe Service

David Walton said...

I agree! It's just that on this occasion i ran out of time and thought it was important to upload the photos. I have now updated the post so you can see where I was. Thanks for taking the time to comment anyway. We really appreciate the feedback and support.