Thursday, 13 November 2008

Postcard from London

I was in London for most of last week. On Wednesday evening David and I had a great evening at the Houses of Parliament. It was November 5th and the Methodist Parliamentary group hosted an evening for us. We were joined by the Martyn and Ruby and also Graham and Dudley who have served in our roles the two previous years. Martin Turner managed to gate-crash the party (something about he helps organise the parliamentary group) and he brought his colleague Malcolm with him and Moira Sleight (of Methodist Recorder fame). David Bradwell, from our Joint Public Issues team, organised the evening and did a great job.

The Speaker of the House of Commons held a reception for us with a good number of Methodist MP's and peers present, then a conversation with a slightly different group followed by a lovely meal together.

It was good having Ruby with us as she know everyone and although she left being Sergeant at Arms a few weeks ago everyone was delighted to see her.

It was a grand evening and once again affirmed my commitment to supporting all those who are working out their vocation in the field of politics.

Thank you to those who oragnised the event and hosted us.

On the Sunday I had the privilege of representing the Church at the national service of remembrance at the Cenotaph. It was very special being there.....and I've been amazed at the number of people who've said 'I saw you on Tele'.......even one of my own's a bit rich when your own kids have to watch TV to get to see their dad! Such are the demands of being President!!!

In the evening I shared in the service at Hinde Street. There was a good congregation and then afterwards people were invited back to the minister's manse. (Sue with the gingery hair) There are a number of photos showing the group - many of them young adults but John Hicks was there supporting us and looking for a new generation of people who love CPD!!

What is David Bradwell praying about - I was meeting his girlfriend and perhaps it had something to do with that?

and here is John Cooper trying to cut up some food...?

and I left feeling what a gift such people are within the life of our churches. We must nurture them and bring them into leadership now.

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Andrew S (Aberdeen) said...

Thanks for this update - great to hear of what's going on around the connexion. I fully agree with your final comment about encouraging young people into leadership. Let's hope the Methodist Church can make space in its structures for young people to feel encouraged and able to enter leadership - at the moment there are too many obstacles to jump over! Blessings to you.