Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Methodist Youth in Conference

The last Methodist Youth Conference in its present form was held at the King's Park Centre in Northampton; a good mixture of debate, worship and fun - and no doubt a couple of late nights for many who attended.
Each District had sent two representatives but there were other young people there as well ranging in age from 13 to early twenties.
The debates included a concern about encouraging younger people to consider the ordained ministry as well as others on broader issues. Sarah Malik was elected as the new Youth President and there was a general looking forward to a wider engagement of young people through the new Youth Participation Strategy - this will help Districts appoint a paid part-time young person as a Youth Enabler.
As always it was the conversation over meals and in the breaks which provided some of the most stimulating encounters. I came away with a sense that we are well blessed by a number of young people who are passionate about the Gospel and how it relates to our contempoary culture - and also a conviction that a refreshed Methodist Church has a valuable contribution to make.


Olive Morgan said...

So good to hear.

Jennie Clarke said...

I was at the service on the Sunday morning and have to say it was brilliant! I'm not 'youth' (apart from in my own world!) but am in my 40's, and I thoroughly enjoyed the worship and the activities and especially the dancing at the end too! (Teach me to dance will never be the same again!!).

I felt the service was a real mixture of youth and maturity, of modern and some traditional, the speakers were enthusiastic and their testimonies touching. The presentations and recognition of the youth was totally appropriate and it was very moving to see how much they all very clearly love and support one another. The activities/areas were so cleverly done, all the choices and spaces.. wonderful. The music was absolutely brilliant! Such gifted people! Truly a really excellent occassion!

I am delighted that we have a female at the helm now too so to speak, and am sure she will do a fabulous job.

Everyone I know who went (and there were a lot!!) had equally positive comments too.

It was a real privilege to be there and to be a part of such a lively and lovely service where the focus was totally on the Lord (and celebrating the life he has given us and the energy to enjoy and live it to the full!) Innovative,creative,worshipful and fun! What a great combination! Thanks to all.