Monday, 30 May 2011

Englesea Brook, Mow Cop & Tunstall

John and I arrived at Englesea Brook Chapel & Museum to begin a special day of remembering the events of 1811 when the camp meetings movements of the Bourneites and the Clowesites came together to form the Primitive Methodist Connexion. Sadly Alison was unable to join us due to feeling unwell, we prayed for her and Dave throughout the day.

Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum
Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum is a place where you can discover the origins of Primitive Methodism in a traditional magic lantern show, explore the values of Victorian people through the collection of religious banners, musical instruments and other artefacts, and hear about some nineteenth century women who defied the boundaries of gender and took to the
pulpit and much more besides.

Chair of District Rev Peter Barber had just completed 120 miles of walking through the Circuits of the Chester and Stoke District. Here he is holding onto Rev Hugh Bourne's rather battered shoe from the museums collection reflecting with sympathy on how he must have felt.

Morning worship in the Chapel with some of the volunteers.

Mow Cop
The birthplace of the Primitive Methodist movement, starting in 1800 with Hugh Bourne from Stoke-on-Trent and William Clowes from Burslem. On 31st May 1807 a large 14 hour camp meeting was held, these camp meetings became a regular feature at Mow Cop and outdoor events have become a feature of Anniversary celebrations.
We arrived at Mow Cop to discover that the outdoor events planned for the afternoon had been re-arranged due to the weather. We gathered inside for a jubilant service and delicious tea afterwards.

We were joined by Radio Stoke who were recording the service for
a special broadcast on the following Sunday.

Monument on the Mow Cop Folly remembering the Camp meeting of 1807. After the service several of us walked up to sing, pray and give thanks for the passion and commitment of the Primitive Methodist tradition.

Outdoor Praise.

Tunstall Methodist Church

It was in Tunstall that the first Primitive Methodist Chapel was built, we arrived to share and celebrate together in a Circuit Service.

Chair of District Rev Peter Barber and the Circuit singing group 'Harmony'.

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