Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cornwall ~ Day 2

The Helston Floral Dance is a remarkable occasion, with an amazing history. I have never been part of an event which involves the entire community, from children and young people to adults dressed very formally, to adults very much more relaxed, including the tea makers and the stall holders, without whom it would be much the poorer!

We were able to watch the mid-day dance from what is still called 'the doctor's house' as they danced through the garden and round the lake. And the hospitality was very generous!

From there we went on to Praa Sands for Andrew and Beverley's beach labyrinth. Even with wind and not many people around, such an event attracts questions and exploration from a number of people, and I certainly enjoyed taking a little time to walk and reflect as well as have the conversations

The final events of the day were a proper cream tea at the manse with Bishop Tim and Angela and Geof, and then after a short time to chat and recover from all the days activities, an evening meal in Megavissey.

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