Saturday, 28 May 2011

Convocation ~ a PS

What an amazing gift to be able to be part of the MDO Community for a while. Eunice has already given news of our time at Swanwick, but I want to emphasise how much fun and laughter there was between the serious matters and the necessary work.
I was able to offer a couple of mini-retreats during two of the afternoons as well as sharing in a Bible study and many of the sessions.
It was so good to renew friendships with many of the Deacons i have met and worked with over the years, and to begin to get to know many more. It was also great to experience the power of the Rule of Life, which joins Deacons across the Connexion in such a prayerful way, in spite of how dispersed the community is. They have much to teach the rest of us.
And it was a joy to see for myself how God is at work among the new and student deacons. I look forward to seeing how Methodism will grow and change as they continue to serve God alongside their more experienced colleagues.
Thank you all, and God be with you.

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