Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cornwall ~ Day 1

The day began with St. Petroc's Homeless Project ~ conversations and explorations, covering both history and the future hopes and dreams

Then we moved on to the home of Breadline ~ another part of the St. Petroc's family ~ where we were able to meet some of the other folk involved and discover more of what it means to both work for the project and to feel at home with it as training and life skills and support are offered.
I'm holding a large amount of written information which I eventually found time to read. And it was well worth it.

Then we went on to Newlyn Trinity, where we were shown some exciting new ventures and able to share yet more hopes and dreams, as well as having a great 'team lunch'

The next stop was the Lifeboat. Such a priviledge to meet with the Coxswain/Mechanic and be shown in such detail all the work involved.

And next the St. Just Airport, but not sadly a trip to the Scillies! Instead, we watched the work of the flight control tower ~ vital expertise even at such a small field ~ and then were shown round while there was no flight in the offing. I for one discovered a great deal about small aircraft, though I think my husband simply wanted to take a trip, remembering his glider days of long ago.

The final stop of this day was the cinema club at St. Just. They are showing The King's Speech next time, and with proper ice-cream for the interval, it is no wonder that the room is full once everybody has arrived. What a great and fun way to serve this rural community!

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