Monday, 2 May 2011

ECG - Llandudno 2011

ECG (Equipping, Calling, Going) 2011 in Llandudno was an absolutely inspirational event, with over 1,200 people it is one of the largest national gatherings of Methodist people.

Held over five days it succeeded in creating a safe and sacred space of challenge, encouragement and reflection through an all age programme of worship, bible studies, preaching , seminars, debate's and participation in mission through art, conversation and drama.

This years theme was 'Word
into Flesh' and although I was only present for three days it was wonderful to see and hear people experience the reality of God's love in so many ways.

Every morning Rev David and Rev Alison Wilkinson led imaginative and interactive bible studies. On Friday morning Alison travelled down to London and spoke to us 'live' from Westminster Central Hall just before the Royal Wedding!

Brian McLaren - Author, Speaker and Pastor led thought provoking and challenging seminars reflecting on what it means to be a christian today particularly to strip away the symbols and status of public religion and examine our authentic selves before God. The framework for this was based on four seasons of spiritual life based on his book, 'Naked Spirituality (which is brilliant).
Simplicity - Spiritual Awakening
Complexity - Spiritual Strengthening
Perplexity-Spiritual Surviving
Harmony-Spiritual Deepening

Click here to visit Brian McLaren's website

During evening worship Rev Ric Stott painted as an offering of worship and reflection. Ric is an art therapist and one of our Venture FX Pioneer ministers working in Sheffield.

The evening celebrations in the main theatre included vibrant worship, preaching and prayer ministry. Hosted by Rev Antony Clowes, Methodist minister based in the Wirral and Amy Wyatt, Assistant Pastor at Swan Bank Methodist Mission.

Evening Themes and Preachers

Thursday - We see, hear and experience the Voice of God through the Word of God (Mike Rayson)
Friday - We see, hear and experience the Voice of God through the person of Jesus (Eunice Attwood)
Saturday - We see, hear and experience the Voice of God through Witnesses in history (Ashley Cooper)
Sunday - We see, hear and experience the Voice of God through a World of Care (Brian McLaren).

Every evening at 9.45 am a late night debate took place hosted by Rev Simon Sutcliffe (Venture FX Pioneer) alongside other options of late night comedy with Andy Kind, Rob Lacey Theatre Company, Sons of Korah, Quizzes and Karoke!

Next Year ECG will be in Southport from Tuesday 10th-Sunday 15th April 2012.

It really is an excellent event, ideal for everyone but especially 20-40's a great place for families, teenagers and young adults to learn,be challenged and experience God.

Click here to visit the ECG website.

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