Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A taste of Scotland

I had a great time in Scotland meeting some fascinating people, being fed wherever I went and eating haggis........but never being asked to play the bagpipes!

On my first day I was privileged to be with the Scottish Church Leaders as they met with the First Minister, Alex Salmon. The next day was an opportunity to share with some of the ministers from across the district. Being here for these few days has helped me have a greater understanding of how large the circuits are and the distances people have to travel.
On the Saturday i shared a wonderful day in Aberdeen with people from the North of Scotland Mission. Here I discovered another of Mr Wesley's chairs - one used during his visits and then donated to the church..........and a lovely photo of the new superintendent minister, the Rev Ken Morgan.

There was a lovely moment as I was sharing about our visit to Tonga for the Coronation of the King. I was telling the gathering about the teapot we took as a gift and at that moment a starnger wnadered into church and presented me with a lovely flowery teapot. I thought it was a wind up but as we chatted at the end nobody knew who he was.....a moment of grace?
On the Sunday I was priveleged to share in a special service focusing on climate change at the Central Mission Church in Edinburgh. here the four churches have come together as the City of Edinburgh church. They have much talking and decision making to do as they seek for an effective witness and mission in the capital city. This was followed by David and I sharing in an informal afternoon with people from the Paisley circuit followed by tea and worship. We were joined by some of the members of the recently formed Zimbabwean fellowship who added joy and music to our time together.

Through the whole visit we were lovingly cared for by Lily Twist, the Chair of District, and her husband Colin. If you are looking for a good B&B in Stirling give them a ring

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