Monday, 20 October 2008

Ethical Business Consultation

At the beginning of my year of office I decided that the ethics of business should be one of my themes for exploration - especially as one of my predecessors, John Bell, had stimulated much interest which I felt ought to be built upon.
Little did I realise how topical this would be! In the wake of the financial crisis which has gripped the global economy mnay questions have been asked about the ethical basis of the wholesale and retail banking systems - and isues of trust, integrity and confidence are high on the agenda.
So it was that a group of involved Methodists gathered together at Luther King House last weekend to consider the questions of what it means to be an ethical business - and an ethical business person.
The lively discussion was stimulated by Joelle Warren - the founder of her own successful recruitment business - and Chris Moorhouse, a former Vice-President of BP and Chair of the Institute of Business Ethics. There is clearly a lot of experience and concern in the Church at large.
I was very grateful to all who took part - and I am confident that there will be some practical outcomes. One already set up is an internet link-up for people who have an interest in these issues and especially the relationship between their faith and their working lives. For more details please log on to and sign up.

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