Friday, 24 October 2008

Evesham above water

I had stayed in Evesham last summer for a family party celebrating my father's 80th Birthday.
It was only a few weeks after the floods had hit the town - and we learnt that the lower floor of the Methodist Church had been flooded for the second time and was unusable.

So it was a double pleasure to be shown around by their minister Caroline Homan (pictured with the District Chair Bill Anderson and the President) and to see the way in which the restoration was coming to completion - the rainbow tiles adding colour to the walls.
Preparations were being made for the Junior Missionary Association awards the following morning - a montage of pennies spelling out the letters at the front of the Church.

Here is a Church looking outward - to its community which will well use the newly restored rooms - and to the world, not least through its faithful young JMA collectors.
In addition it prides itself on being the first Methodist Church in Britain to receive an award for being an eco-congregation - to find out how your church can do the same look up 'Eco-congregation' on the Church Life page of the Methodist website.

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