Monday, 16 June 2008

Recognition and celebration and a glimpse of things to come

Yesterday I went to Shernhall Methodist Church in Walthamstow to witness Adam Dyjasek being recognised as a Local Preacher. It was a great service which also included celebrating David Bowes being a Local Preacher for 50 years and Peter Dawe being a Local Preacher for 40 years. A brass band played for the hymns in a rousing manner and the singing was pretty impressive, beginning with O for a thousand tongues to sing.

The preacher gave me a glimpse of things to come - it was David Walton, Vice President designate, who in two weeks time will inherit this blog with Stephen Poxon, the President designate. David's sermon was short and to the point with humour and grace - a great foretaste for what he will bring to the Church next year. Adam, David (Bowes) and Peter each got a few minutes to share with the congregation and it was good to hear their testimony. The letter to Adam from the President of Conference was read out to the congregation so we got to hear from Martyn even though he was in Yorkshire! (Happy Birthday Mr President.)

It was good to meet up with old friends and colleagues as there were a number of Connexional staff there to support Adam who is a member of the Connexional Team. These included Anthea Cox, Margaret Sawyer and Michaela Youngson. John Cooper from MRDF and the Methodist Council was there too. Roger Dawe, ex Chair of the Strategy and Resources Committee was there to support his brother Peter and it was good to see Jenni Sweet who had been with us in Ireland and is the minister at Shernhall. Lots to celebrate then and hope for the future too.

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Olive Morgan said...

Thanks, Ruby (and for all your blogging this year). It certainly soundsto have been a really good Methodist occasion and we will be looking forward to hearing our (soon-to-be) new Vice-President.
Hurrah for the news that our new President and Vice-President will be continuing to keep up your blog, which has been so much appreciated. THANK YOU BOTH.