Thursday, 12 June 2008

back from Derry

Yes, as Ruby said we had a great time in Londonderry/Derry. The Ordination service on the Sunday evening was a highlight of the year for me. About 1000 people in the Millennium Forum: very hot but a wonderful blessing. 6 ordinands, all of whom give testimony during the service.

Monday and Tuesday saw the end of Conference business. Donald Ker, the secretary and long time friend (since we shared on the Methodist Worship Book committee in the 1990's) was designated the next President. A good choice.

The trip back took along time, but I got back home about 8.00pm and have spent most time in College since then. Today was the College Photograph. Another reminder that the end of term is fast approaching, and with that an end to 12 happy years at Cliff College.

And still no house to move into...!

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Olive Morgan said...

With prayers for your househunting and, more especially, for your new job next month.