Sunday, 29 June 2008

from graduation to thorpe hesley

One of my last engagements as president today. I went to open a new community centre in thorpe hesley. A lovely service and an example of 'good local ecumenism'.

Local ecumenical partnerships are a mixed bag. Some are fantastic, deeply relevant to their context and with a lot of purpose love and grace about. Others seem to be an 'enforced inevitability' with little missionary vision - just two congregations choosing the points of least resistance to sustain their lives a little longer. I've come across both over this year.

Yesterday was Cliff College graduation day. I've always enjoyed it down the years and yesterday the weather was fine and folk were in their finery. My last time, with lots of happy memories.

So into my last week as president. Tomorrow I go to London for my 'next job', then it is off to the Ordinands retreat on Tuesday and down to Scarborough for Conference. So this may well be my last blog entry. Thanks to you all.

And a special thanks to Ruby, my blog companion and a wonderful vice president, and a great pal over a fantastic year.


DaveW said...


My thanks to you for being such an inspiring president, we have been so blessed by you and Ruby this year.

I am looking forward to your work in your new role.

Hope you had a good time at the Ordinands retreat yesterday, there are some lovely people going to be ordained this year and this retreat is a really special time.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing so much of your year with us.

It has been a great joy to follow you and Ruby around the connexion through these pages.

Every blessing to you both.