Sunday, 1 June 2008

end of a nice week

Just come back from London. I was preaching at Westminster Central Hall this morning and, as always, I enjoyed it very much.Lots of good stuff going on.
It brings to an end what is, in comparison with recent weeks, a welcome quieter time. Monday brought the Cliff Festival to a close, a great time for most, and the feedback has been very good. It was very moving for me to preach at Festival at what will be, certainly as Principal, for the last time. It was a precious moment to do a wonderful outdoor communion accompanied by loads of children.

Tuesday was spent in London: another trip getting ready for the 'next job'. Then after that was a real treat - 2 days just going to the office and working my way through the massed piles of 'normal' correspondence. And also giving first thoughts to worship and input for Conference. So soon!!

And the chill out days continue! The next couple of days are 'at home' even if getting stuff together for a busy but exciting prospect of the Irish Conference.

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