Saturday, 21 June 2008

fit for purpose

Spent this morning in my home (Sheffield) district. I was asked to lead the sessions on 'Methodism: fit for purpose'. Quite a number of people turned up on a grey drizzly June day. I enjoyed it, and a number of good comments and observations were made. I come back - as I have so many times this year - to some basic convictions. First, that Methodism is instinctively a missionary movement. Second, that God is not finished with us yet, but cares about the world so much that God is not content to leave us as we are. Third, that God is more ready to renew us that we are to be renewed, and therefore the reasons for aspects of renewal tarrying cannot simply be shunted onto a bland 'God does not want to renew us yet' comment.

It was nice to 'go local' near the end of the year, and to see so many folk I know from Synod and other occasions, who have faithfully prayed for me over this year. Thank you all.

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