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This is the first of 3 long overdue posts about my visit to the Channel Islands in December. It has taken a long time to write but I couldn't miss doing it because there is so much to talk about!

Robert (my husband) came with me and we flew to Jersey from Gatwick on December 7th. Sadly we were caught up in delays and so did not arrive in time for me to meet with Local Preachers as had been planned. Our hosts were Graeme and Elaine, the Superintendent Minister and his wife who is also a minister in the circuit. Later that evening we went into St Helier and went out with the Street Pastors. It was a relatively quiet evening but the streets were full and lively. It was very clear that the Street Pastors were known and trusted and that here, as elsewhere, the work they do is transforming the streets and offering support and security to vulnerable people.

On Sunday morning we went to Ebenezer Methodist Church. The morning service was a section service for St Martin's, Eden and Ebenezer Churches. This group of churches are exploring their way forward in mission and I shared lunch with the leaders and the Minister, Rev Liz Singleton, to hear more about their ideas for the future.
Ebenezer Methodist Church

On Sunday evening we were in Georgetown Methodist Church where I had the opportunity to meet with people from around the Circuit, share something of the year so far with them and respond to questions. We had a good time together talking about many different subjects.
People gathering in Georgetown Methodist Church
On Monday morning Graeme and I went to St Helier where I met the Deputy Bailiff, we spent a good time together and I learned a lot about the island. As we left, I was shown the Royal Mace which was presented to the Island by King Charles II in 1663.

John Wesley was in St Helier in 1787 and he blue plaque commemorating this is on the building from which he preached.

This is the building where Mr Wesley preached
We went on to  the St Helier Methodist Centre where there is a lively worshiping community and a variety of activities during the week including the Paradise Community Cafe. Here you see me with the two ladies who run the cafe which is an important and developing community service.

With staff at the Women's refuge
After lunch and conversation with the Circuit Staff, I went on to visit the women's refuge in St Helier. Here is a place of safety for women which is well supported by the community and well used. Here, as in many communities women who are victims of violence need a place of safety.

The final visit of the day was to the Sanctuary House where there is work developing with men who find themselves without a home. Here I am with the Methodist Minister, Rev Billy Slatter and with the manager.
On the final morning of my visit to Jersey, I visited one of the two MHA Jersey care homes. Here I met the residents and then we had lunch with the staff and Directors before leaving for my final appointment, a meeting with the Governor, Sir John McColl.

Then to the airport for the flight to Guernsey in a very small aeroplane. It was an exhilarating and beautiful flight on a calm and clear evening and we were met at the airport by Rev David Hinchliffe, Chair of the Channel Islands District and taken to his home where we were to stay with the family for the next few days.

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