Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A visit to Sark

The harbour at St Peter Port
The morning after we arrived on Guernsey (December 10th) we left the Island on the ferry for a visit to Sark.
The Ferry arriving at St Peterport to take us to Sark
Arriving at Sark
I was delighted to be going to Sark, an island I have wanted to visit for many years and we had a fascinating day there with Karen Le Mouton, a student presbyter who many will have seen on "Island Parish"
Karen is doing great work on the island and it was good to hear about it from her. There can be nearly 40 children in the Messy Church run by Karen and others from the church, there aren't many more children on the island.

The Methodist Church on Sark
There are plans to develop the church to better enable the flourishing work here.

With Phyllis and Werner Rang
We met Werner and Phyllis Rang. Werner came to the island with the German army during the war, met Phyllis and after the war they were married. Werner has lived on the island since then and drove the ambulance (pulled by tractor of course as there are no cars on Sark). He and Phyllis are both Methodists and it was good to hear something of their story.

Werner Rang
We also met Nellie Le Feuvre who is Church Steward and has her own story to tell about being deported from Sark during the war years. This picture shows Nellie signing a copy of the book she has written about those years.
Our final visit on the island was to the Pottery, where we met Lorraine Nicolle. Lorraine runs the pottery and is also training as a local preacher. Tourists are invited to make their own pot here and are told the story from Jeremiah 18. The pot, when fired, is posted to them along with a book-mark that reminds them of the story. Unfortunately we didn't have time to make a pot as we had to hurry to catch the ferry for the journey back to Guernsey.
The Pottery

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