Friday, 17 January 2014

Guernsey Gâche and Christmas lights

We travelled back from Sark to arrive in St Peter Port in the late afternoon on December 10th. That evening we went to the Methodist Chapel at Les Adams where I was to share in the Local Preachers Meeting. Before the meeting began I was welcomed by members of the congregation at Les Adams. This was the first time they could remember being visited by a President of Conference and they welcomed me with tea and gifts of Guernsey Gâche (pronounced Gosh) and a small silver Guernsey milk can. I had never heard of Guernsey Gâche but discovered that it is delicious spread with Guernsey butter and eaten either as it comes or toasted.
With the people at Les Adams Methodist Church
After this I was invited to speak to and with the Local Preachers and was reminded once again of the commitment, variety and dedication of this group who are so essential in the church.
The Chair of District and Circuit Superintendent, Rev David Hinchliffe, leading worship at the Local Preachers Meeting

Maison L'Aumone
On my final day in the Channel Islands, I visited two of the MHA Guernsey homes. Maison L'Aumone is a residential care home and the adjoining Maison de Quetteville is a dementia care home. Between the two is a bridging unit for those residents who are moving from one to the other. We were shown around by Moira Boyd, the Care Manager for the two homes and Rev Mark Street, newly appointed as half time chaplain to the homes. I was hugely impressed by the way in which the dementia care home was designed to offer security and stimulation to the residents. The beautiful gardens were designed in such a way that all the paths would lead to a door back into the home, all the signing was clear and helpful and the residents were clearly happy and comfortable here.
Maison de Quetteville

We then shared in a service of Holy Communion with the residents. The service was led by the chaplain and I gave a short address and had the great privilege of serving the wine. After a short break for coffee, I met with the circuit staff.

In the afternoon, David took Robert and I to see some of the sights on Guernsey. Here are some photographs.

Robert and David looking out to sea near La Table des Pions, a stone circle also known as the Fairy Ring

David exploring one of many tunnels from the time of occupation
There are several memorials on the harbour wall in St Peter Port which are a reminder of those who were affected in so many different ways during the occupation.

Those who died in an air raid.
 Those who died during forced labour.
Those who were deported from Guernsey and Sark to civilian internment camps in Germany and France and those who died there.
Three Jewish women deported from Guernsey who later died at Auschwitz-Birkenau
Children and adults evacuated prior to the occupation leaving scarcely a family undivided.
The beautiful coastline in the early evening

Christmas lights in St Peter Port

The Parish Church

Angel banner

There was an exhibition of artistic representations of angels in the Parish Church. We met some of the congregation and enjoyed a warm fruit punch (non-alcoholic).

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