Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Leadership and Fellowship

I drove up through impossibly heavy rain to Kings Park in Northampton for the Connexional Leaders’ Forum.  In my previous job as Secretary for Internal Relationships I had been part of this group and had learnt to both dread and enjoy it in equal measures!  However going in a new role was different and everyone was so very kind and keen to find out how things were going for me.  We discussed as always an extraordinarily wide range of issues.

There are great many people in Methodism who care a great deal about a great deal and this has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s always difficult to trust others when you care a lot about something, and maybe we as a Church have lost trust in each other.

If is very important that we seek to regain it so our genuine care and concern for so many things can be delivered with a greater deal of comfort and happiness!  There’s an oblique point if you want one.  The best bit about CLF is when we share in small groups and we prayed for each other.  Thank you Connexional Leaders for such kindness and grace.

Mark Wakelin

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