Monday, 10 September 2012

Opening and Closing, thanksgiving and hope

A visit to the Nottingham and Derby and what a lovely time!  Excellent hosting with thanks to the Chair of District Loraine Mellor and John Mellor – and two really lovely dogs!  Just be careful when they show affection after enjoying a large amount of water.  I’m not experienced about such visits, but I can’t see how this would be improved.

I had the privilege of meeting with Chris Hughes Smith and Dick and Kathleen Jones for an evening meal on the Friday – and then on Saturday taking part in a very uplifting Synod.  I reflected here on ‘The winter is over’ and had some fascinating conversations afterwards.

Sunday was replete with good things – with a full and lively service in the morning at Bulwell, afternoon taking part in the closing and thanksgiving for Queens Hall Methodist Mission in Derby and in the evening the reopening of Tissington Methodist Church.

The picture above is of Queens Hall – sadly to be closed, but what a good service and a lovely people.  It is never the end of a story, but some turns are easier to bear than others.  

Tissington, small but perfectly formed after its refurbishment, seemed to bring together a sense of worthy tradition with a new sense of purpose and direction.  A weekend of thanksgiving and hope, with sadness but much good.

Mark Wakelin

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