Thursday, 27 September 2012

Retreating to move forward

Up to Northampton again – less rain but still the road improvements which seem to be a work without end.  I’m not sure how we will cope when they are finished, so much spare time!  I’ve been asked to share in the Discipleship and Ministries Cluster away day.  D&M cover loads of things that matter to the Church from Local Preaching, Youth, Children, Theological Education, Evangelism and Chaplaincy.  It is thus a very powerful and committed team and I felt duly honoured to be with them.

I had two sessions which I led as a mini retreat with some reflection on work and the Connexion.  It was a good time of fellowship and though it is easy to feel life is too pressured to pause and think, it is amazing how such discipline and sacrifice of effort and time is blessed.  It’s a big year for D&M as, among other things, they start pulling together the Fruitful Field project and ground it some creative and courageous decisions. Keep them in your prayers.

You can read more about the D&M team here:

Mark Wakelin

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