Friday, 26 November 2010

Old and Young

Dave and I spent a brilliant time at Ammerdown with a group of people who were not at all old, but who walk alongside the elderly. These are MHA Chaplains, full of deep concern for the work, gifted and full of grace. It was a joy to lead a retreat where they could have space to pay attention to their own needs for a brief while, before returning to the various communities where they serve. I am very grateful that MHA were kind enough to invite me to do this for them.

We prayed and reflected; shared and discussed; created pictures and bracelets and rings; and heard the voice of God in all we did together. It was a holy time.

Then I went, without Dave, to the Youth Assembly at Liddington - just outside the District I used to serve and into the Bristol District. A time of energy and noise and passion for life and for God. Late nights and early mornings; laughter and serious conversation; prayer and song and dance; shared sorrow and pain; and the voting and decision making of any good conference. I do like electronic voting, even though I don't understand the technology behind it!

It was great to be working with all the folk who work so hard to enable our young people to participate well - and with Christy-Anna our current Youth President. It was also good to be there for the designation of next year's Youth President - Sam - and to catch up on news from the 'old patch'. Please pray for them both as she continues to do such a great job around the connexion and he prepares for next year.

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