Thursday, 11 November 2010

Gatherings and Retreats

Last week I enjoyed being able to be part of the Women Ministers' Annual Gathering at Loyola Hall. We met to reflect and share, being led by Sister Anne Marie and offered both wisdom and space for our needs. I am always greatly encouraged by the women who gather on these occasions - by their faith, their courage and their giftedness, and by their willingness to offer those gifts in the service of others. I thank God for the time I spent with them; for all that we learnt together; for the real sense of re-creation; and for the laughter and joy that this sharing makes possible. We meet next year in Ammerdown.
Then it was on to West Yorkshire and a warm welcome into Doreen and Peter's home. We joined in the celebration of the Bicentenary of the Holmfirth Circuit where the worship in the Civic Hall was also attended by Civic Dignitaries. It was good to meet with old friends and catch up on their news, but it was also good to meet new people and rejoice in their hopes and dreams for the future.
Next stop was Whirlow Grange and the District Retreat, where again I was able to catch up with folk I knew when I too served in that District, but rejoiced in meeting new friends as well. Taking time again to pray and reflect was refreshing for all of us - including the cuddly toys who shared in our time together! My grateful thanks to all of the group - and to the Living God who makes all things possible.

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dane said...

A few months ago I would have been impressed by this article; gathering of a few of the saints, retreats etc. Today, I feel saddened that the Methodist church seem to be gradually drifting away from roots. The passion started by John Wesley; going into the world and making disciple for christ against all odds. Unfortunately, what we see in the morden methodist church is, people abandoning the place of worhsip due too much Bureaucracy. Its a shame churches are now being turned into supermarkets whilst other christian organisations are still looking for places of worship. Souls are still lost and need reaching out to. Most methodist branches have blatantly refused to allow other christians to rent their premises as a place of worship. Yet, its ok for supermakets to sell alcohol and stuff in there. Most of the methodist church buildings purposely shut and all boarded up; and all for what? Some policies that don't promote God's work such as Evangelism as John Wesley would have done? One day when christ shall return, all christian will give account of our attitude towards the kingdom business. And I hope we are all prepared to give an account of our works in promoting or demoting his works.