Monday, 15 November 2010

History and State

Next visit to London, which I confess is not a place where I feel at home - but where I do have some amazing friends. Staying this time with Sue and Daniel ready for my engagements at church and the Cenotaph.

Hinde Street at its best represents the Methodist ability to combine good worship, community, and social action. It was a delight to share in a Quiet Day with them as they prepared for the great Anniversary celebrations this coming week end. Sue provided many additional possibilities for prayer as we reflected together on choosing, and discerning God's call.

After the Morning event on Sunday, I was able to share in the evening communion service and then we ate and drank together while the members/attenders provided questions and I tried to supply some answers. My grateful thanks to everyone for the hospitality, and for the challenge to think and reflect even more about God's grace and the future.

The morning at the Cenotaph was a privilege and a fascinating event. Such an opportunity to remember in so many ways, and to engage in conversation with politicians, leaders of faith communities, representatives of many other nations, and the paid and voluntary staff who served us all so well. I am grateful to Methodism for giving me that moment with those people.

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