Monday, 8 November 2010

Edinburgh and Forth Circuit

Travelling North for the first time on a Vice-Presidential visit took us to the Edinburgh and Forth Circuit to stay with our friends, Rev Andrew Letby, Superintendent of the Circuit and his wife Deacon Belinda Letby. Andrew and Belinda lived in Newcastle upon Tyne several years ago where Andrew served as District Economic Enabler and Belinda was a member at Brunswick prior to diaconal training at Wesley Study Centre, Durham. Andrew shares responsibility and oversight alongside the staff team for eight churches with approx 500 members and a variety of projects.

On Sunday morning I joined Deacon Belinda Letby where she ministers at Nicolson Square, part of the City of Edinburgh churches. Four congregations have come together on this site and are now looking at their new future together alongside re-ordering their premises.

Chatting with the Circuit staff team, I was deeply impressed by the depth of their friendship and colleagueship. It was very clear that here were a group of people committed to teamwork, growth and the challenges of mission in their churches and communities. It was good to hear of exciting opportunities and new idea's for the future.

Holiness and Risk (equivalent of EDEV-Extending Discipleship Exploring Vocation) is a good example of the unique way in which a team of people have adapted a concept for the specific Scottish context. Using the title from the Methodist conference event the intention is to create a far-reaching lifelong culture of extending and exploring discipleship. The programme hopes to offer a chance for people of all ages to explore their journey as Christian disciples by looking at what has brought them to this point, seeking to discern what God is saying now and where the journey will lead next. The four main elements of this national programme are:-
- recognising past adventures and discovering new ones.

- exploring the place of the Methodist Church in this journey.

- discovering what God is doing in the world and how we can join in.

- gathering what we need to equip us for the continuing adventure with God.

We spent Bonfire night in the manse garden with members of the Circuit staff team after a gorgeous meal cooked by Belinda.

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