Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wesley Study Centre, Durham -Summer School

Changing for Good........

God's Spirit Transforming People and Communities was the theme of the Wesley Study Centre Event on 13th July 2010 at St John's College, Durham.

Steve Chalke was the keynote speaker alongside workshops and seminars on music in worship with Jane Kitson , preaching imaginatively with Kate Bruce, Halifax Street Angels with Paul Blakey, Wood Sculpture with Paul Lucas and outdoor activities being used to explore christian spirituality with Jane Cook.

Some quotes from Steve Chalke the keynote speaker........

'We have turned Christianity into a leisure pursuit and then we wonder why we don't have passion anymore'

'What is the best discipleship course? ........come follow Jesus into some scary places.'

'It's not about reading the bible it's about absorbing the story.'

Rev'd Paul Lucas made a wood sculpture for the event which participants contributed to making a 'Tree of Life' with words from the Psalms written on.

Seeing Applecart (Phil Summers & Peter Moreton) for the first time re-telling a portion of John's gospel was amazing they were brilliant.

Using storytelling, music and drama they tell Gospel stories in a pub in the east End of London.

It was great to be with my colleagues in Durham for the day where I have the privilege of being a part-time member of staff as a diaconal tutor, it is a wonderful place to work and study.

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Ginny said...

Eunice - your blogs are fantastic. I love hearing what's happening around the Connexion. Thank you for all your are doing.