Monday, 5 July 2010

And it's goodbye from me

Well, Richard and I have finished our year and Richard has already signed off from the Blog so it's time for me to do so too. We have had a wonderful year and are very grateful for all the hospitality, friendship, support, love and prayers we have received. I'm sure that Alison and Eunice will be upheld and surrounded by love and prayers in the same way as their year progresses.

Thanks, too, for visiting our blog. It's been a helpful way to keep a record of were we've been, who we've seen and what we've done. And it's been great to discover how many people have followed our progress throughout the year.

I received today some photos from Steve Wild, Chair of the Cornwall District. They were taken after the ordination service at Holy Trinity, Fareham, at which I presided. They show what wonderful weather we had and what a joyful occasion it was. They also show Steve at his most sartorially elegant (and without a frog). So my closing picture is of Liz and me, with Steve.

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