Saturday, 31 July 2010


Where is God when all that represents your life is in boxes piled high to the ceiling, and even your furniture is stacked upside down?

Of course the answer is everywhere and in everything as God always is, but where is the listening space and how do I/we find it?

We have somewhere to sleep and somewhere to sit and therefore of course there are places to pray, but...................................!

So, unpack the kitchen - we do need to eat - and then, thanks to the generosity of my husband, unpack and recreate my prayer space. And that is before getting back on line and dealing with the demands of work!

In my own personal "holy place" I can again be still and listen and hear. For others the need and the priority will be different, but where do you go when life is full or boxed or upside down, to hear from the God who loves you whatever is going on?


DaveW said...

Oh wow Alison. First post! :-)

Keep passing not far from you but with our own loads of boxes, bikes etc.

Rev Tony B said...

You have my sympathy - I hate moving! But at least it reinforces the faith - there is life on 'the other side'...

Every blessing for the new place and the new role.