Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Making Connections at Breakout 2010..........

Making Connections at Breakout 2010..........

A brilliant event, professionally co-ordinated by our great Methodist children and youth team.

Well done to everyone involved it was excellent

With loads of energy, fun, humour and enthusiasm we explored the theme of CONNECT

CONNECTing with God

CONNECTing with God's world

CONNECTing with each other

Connecting with God in vibrant worship, music,

In the "Big Top" with the 'signers' leading us.

In "The Well"

Through the Roaming Communion with Rev Jo Cox

Connecting with each other through fun and laughter

and through thoughtful reflection in bible study

It was good to have a chat with some of our young people about what God meant to them and about the positive views they had about thier local church.

Connecting to God in the world in the MRDF Global action tent..........

This venue gave young people the chance to learn about and get involved with Chrisitan organisations who are working with others to make a difference.

The concept

An opportunity to act

All in all the 65th Methodist Youth Weekend and the final Breakout was a fantastic event.

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Elaine Lindridge said...

Great vid! And great event.