Monday, 15 June 2009

The Gambian Experience part 3

On Saturday 23 May we gathered at a new housing development area for the Opening and Dedication of the Brusubi Manse. It was a grand occasion with a good gathering of local people and all the overseas visitors with the Ghana Town Church choir. The former Chair of the District, Peter Stephens, opened the new manse. The minister living there is Bannie Manga. He is at the moment studying at Queens College in Birmingham on a World Church scholarship and he had come back to the Gambia just for the Celebrations. One joy was he was able to meet and beiwth his newly born child whom he had not seen since she was born.

At the moment there are about 15 people meeting once a month for worship in the manse but as more and more houses are built this will develop. It is hoped that there will be a school and church built on this same site over the next few years.

A group of us went on a short tour to visit gahna Town. This is a village where about 80 years ago a group of Ghanian fishermen and their families cam eot settle. They follow the fish around the coast and they have recently begun to moved many from this community, following the fish are settling in neighbouring Senegal where they have begun a small Methodist we went to the nearby town to see how the fish are dried and prepared for export to parts of africa and the UK

The celebration Concert in the evening was great. Hundreds of children and young people from all over The Gambia came together to share in drama, music, singing and dancing.

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