Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Day in Alderney

As we sat in the airport lounge we were told that there was too much mist and our flight for Alderney would be delayed as least an hour....we were airbourne 20 minutes later as the mist had lifted and of we went on our little plane.

Alderney 3.5x1.5 miles has a population of just over 2000. We were met by the lay pastoral worker, Irene Day, who thoroughly enjoys living and ministering on the island. We were there for about six hours and had an action packed time.

Our first stop was to see the remains of the concentration camp site and saw the recently dedicated memorial plaque to the 400 people who died at the camp

We then went to meet the President of the State, Sir Norman Browse and the Chief Executive where we learnt a lot about life on this small island which has 10 politicians. They shared some of their hopes in the 'tidal energy renewable project' and their 'well regulated' gambling casinos along with some of the issues especially about the neglected infrastructure.

We travelled to see the hospital which after redevelopment is really excellent although they send the patients requiring surgery to Guernsey.

A few of the members of the church in Alderney came to meet us, shared their hopes for the internal renewal of the church building and then a short time of prayer together. Then downstairs to the halls, which have been renovated, where we shared in the regular Lunch2gether group for a wonderful roast dinner.

Then off to the the all age St Anne's school for a quick tour and chat with the headteacher before a quick look at the rest of the island...we popped into a care home to see the oldest member of the church......she had a photo on her wall of her and the Rev Bill Davies...when he was took one to show Bill next time I see him in the District. and then off to do an interview for the BBC radio.

Our lovely but short time on Alderney was spent having tea with one of our supernumerary ministers, Arthur Mignot and his wife Eileen. They had so much local knowledge it would have been great to spend longer but our plane beckoned.....and it wasn't delayed going back to Guernsey!

The Methodist community plays a vital part in the life of the island and I commend them to your prayers.

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