Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Doing business in Woking

Business ethics in Woking and Bexleyheath (above and below)

With Peter Milne at Knaphill Methodist Church (below)

Knaphill welcomes Iranian Christians (below)

I'd never been to Woking before - nor to Knaphill where the lively Methodist Church gave me a warm welcome and much to see and do!
It was a pleasant surprise to find that my host for the weekend was Peter Milne - he and I had been members of the Free Church Society at Sheffield University in the 70's and hadn't seen each other since then.
Peter is a banker and it was appropriate that a couple of my engagements involved discussions about business ethics and the current economic situation - a breakfast for the Woking Circuit at the splendid art gallery the Lightbox, and a conference at Bexleyheath organised by workplace chaplain Malcolm Cooper.
Knaphill church is taking steps to welcome an Iranian Christian fellowship - the Surrey Iranian Church - and we shared in a party organised by that group.
As well as preaching on the Sunday morning I was able to attend a concert given by local children on the Saturday evening - it was so good so see them taking their first steps in performance.

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