Monday, 15 June 2009

The Gambia Experience part 2

On the Friday the Church in The Gambia organised a trip for all their overseas guests. We went to board a boat at Denton Bridge and were taken through the mango swamps down the river which leads into the sea.

We had a great time of conversation, enjoying the sun and the views.

The boat stopped for an hour and we were all invited to fish!!

Some were better at this than others........the only one I caught was as I brought my line back it happened by sheer chance for the hook to catch in the fish which Joe had just caught and was reeling in.

I claimed a 1/2 catch!!!

We landed at Lamin Lodge where we had a great lunch and lots of photos........

the look of our President will get better David!

Jean and Nwabweze relaxing before our lunch

(the whole group - not drunk but we were singing 'This this is the God we adore')

The Bethel Women's Group hosted an evening for us which brought a wonderful end to a relaxing day.

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