Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Lord is Risen. Alleluia


It was a real privilege to share Easter Day with the Methodist family in Shetland. An early morning communion at Lerwick, followed by breakfast. This was followed by a packed church gathering for an Easter family Celebration. Then off to Ireland (the village of about 20 houses not the country). here the normal congregation of 2 or 3 was swelled to 12 and there was at least one new person which was a source of great joy to the 3 members of the chapel.

Jeremy, Sheila and I then set off for the hours drive to the ferry for Yell. All the churches on the island came together for one service for the first time. It was great to sense the thrill and excitement among those who came together at one of the kirks....and the food after was a feast of cakes and more cakes. It was late when we returned to the manse and found that david had also had a brilliant the photois above show this is a most beautiful part of God's creation. Ihave met some marvellous, faiothful people and I commend them and the witness of the CVhurch in these islands to your prayers over the coming days.

Thank you to all those who shared with me during this Holy Week pilgrimmage - it has been very special. The Lord is indeed risen.

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Lynne Newland said...

Thank you so much Stephen and David for keeping up with your blog. Hearing about your time with the folk in the islands over Easter and seeing the photos is just fantastic. You are helping to bring us closer together.