Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Holy Week in Shetland - the journey continues

One of the joys of being in Shetland was to go on the different ferries. I spent the rest of the day after Synod with David Cooper. He lives on Yell, a population of about 7,000, so we had to take the ferry and then he showed me around the island. We stopped in Gloup at the monument to those who had died in the fishing disaster in July 1881 when 58 men died.

We went over on the ferry to Unst and visited the most northerly church in Britain - Haroldswick Methodist Church. Four of the church members were there to meet us - Joan, Alison, Vivienne and AnnMarie. This is a lovely church building and well worth a visit - if you are ever near Unst!

then a Holy Week Service at the Kirk before heading off back onm the 2 ferries and jeremy was there to meet me.

I really enjoyed staying with jeremy and his wife Sheilka. They also have their daughter, Marieanne and her husband Craig living with them until they finish renovating their cottage.

It was a great disappointment that the weather was too bad for me to fly to Fair Isle and spend the day with John. So we looked did some visits and also bought some wood and took it out to the cottage - ready to make door photos were taken of my hard labour.

In the evening we went to the chapel at Nesting for a World Church evening. We were having trouble with the video projector so one of the members rang her husband who came to help out - and we discovered we had grown up in Beeston and Wollaton - only a couple of miles apart - what a small world it is.

On Maundy Thursday Jeremy and I visited some of the people in Lerwick who were ill and others in hospital before being taken over to Walls where I shared a wonderful meal with Malcolm and Janet McCall - there was so much food, it was a feast.....and then into the chapel for an ecumenical communion service which was well attended and very meaningful.

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Sylvia White said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your visit to Shetland. We certainly enjoyed having you. The World Church event at Nesting raised £150 so the cheque has been sent. I thought you did really well in your interview on Radio Shetland. AND it was nice to know that someone knew where Wollaton was and that my husband was able to assist you with your computer problems. Sylvia White, Nesting Methodist Chapel