Thursday, 27 March 2008

Update on asylum issues

Earlier this month I went to an Independent Asylum Commission Briefing for the Churches' Refugee Network. Today they published their interim findings. These can be found online at:

The Independent Asylum Commission was convened at the start of 2007. During that year it heard evidence in public and in private, and received briefings from a wide range of groups and individuals.

The Commission has had no Government funding - all its costs are met from voluntary support and other groups.

Asylum and Refugee issues are key areas of work and mission for many churches and the work of the Commission is important as it considers three key areas of:

How we decide who needs sanctuary

How we treat people seeking sanctuary and

What happens when we refuse people sanctuary

Real food for thought.

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Sally said...

some tough questions to be thought through there, we mustbe willing to tackle them though, thank you for posting this