Wednesday, 12 March 2008

from here to there - and back again

Had a great last few days. Saturday was spent at an 'Inspire Leadership' conference in Lancaster,where 3-400 mainly Methodist folk gathered. In spite ofhaving to put up with not one but two sessions of me, I think the day was a great success, and it was again notable how many ordinary folk are urging those things which we discern make for the potential renewal of the Church as an agent of God's renewing work in our world.

I spent Monday in London at a business meeting. Necessary and highly important, but enough said!

Tuesday I went back to my almer mater, Hartley Victoria College, Manchester. The Methodist students there - just one group of several denominational groups - had arranged worship cafe style, and clearly put a lot of effort and work into it. I am not sure whether my somewhat serious late lenten/Passiontide message fitted what had been hoped for, but that is what I delivered. After the service the Methodist group, enabled by the ever gracious John Harrod the Principal, had lunch and a conversation together. I probably benefited from that more than they did.

Since then I have been at SRC -the Strategic and Resources Committee, in Leicestershire. A group dealing with many significant issues in the light of our Church, and a group for whom I have the highest regard and respect.

I write this from the lounge at the Hayes, in Swanwick. Even as this entry has been written more and more deacons are arriving fro their annual Convocation, which is why I am here. I anticipate a great time as I love being with our Deacons. So, blog over, its back to work...

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