Sunday, 30 March 2008

ECG a heart warming experience

Just got back from ECG (the new 'convention' event taking place in the week after Easter in the way that Easter People did for 20 years). Fantastic. A great feel and everyone I met agreed. The 1200 folk there was enough to provide the crowd needed to make a celebration, but few enough to allow that 'intimacy' of a group being bonded together in something special.

Paul Smith preached a stonker of a sermon, as did 28 year old Gavin Calver. The partnership with Youth For Christ seemed to work well and young adults were visible in leading almost everything. This was one of the aims of ECG, that it identify, recource and enable emerging generations of young leaders. The bible studies were highly thought of, delivered with power and passion by Clive Calver. The weather wasn't up to much, but it didn't seem to dampen many spirits.

So all credit to the organisers, going out on a limb, and delivering a great event. Especially the Methodists among them, Ashley Cooper, Steve Lindridge, William Porter, and their long suffering spouses, Moira, Elaine and Karen. Thank you all.

Were you there? What did you think?


Annieblade said...

Hi, Just to endorse all that Martyn said about about ECG. A great event and many lives touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. The bible studies were excellent and even easy for someone like me whose attention span is nearly non-existant. Worship with YFriday was awesome (trying to be young and cool with this word!!)To see over 50 year old Methodist ministers bopping at their gig was another thing!!
For me the highlight was the preach on Wednesday evening by Ruth Calver- a great women of God with the gift of communicating to the ordinary person. Praise to God for this time- roll on next year.

Anonymous said...

I was only able to attend for one day, but will definitely return for the whole week next year.

It was great to experience an event which has rediscovered the radical, prophetic edge which once existed at Easter People.

Congratulations to Ashley Cooper and all his team

Anonymous said...

This event is a breath of fresh air.Fantastic workshops ( I went to the leadership ones inspiring),
excellent speakers and fantastic worship.
I am returning to South Wales praying that the christian energy from the North of England comes to Cardiff.
Keep up the good work this country needs Gods work in action.