Friday, 14 March 2008

Asylum issues and living in a Spiritual age

On Thursday I attended a briefing on asylum issues for Church representatives. It was led by Revd Doctor Nick Sagovsky, Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey. Plenty of food for thought as we await the final report of the Independent Asylum Commission of which Nick is a member. There is a report about to be published by our Public Issues team which works across the Baptist, Methodist and URC churches. It was good to know how seriously the various Churches are taking these matters. We all need to be ensuring that we keep these issues on the agandas both locally and nationally.

I then went straight to the Diaconal Order Convocation at Swanwick. What an amazing group of people our Deacons are and it was good to have the opportunity to share with them in one of the sessions and over meals and discussions into the night. I was able to be present for one of the sessions run by Rev Steve Hollinghurst on "Mission in our Spiritual Age" and that was very informative about how people think about God and spirituality and describe spiritual experiences in a whole range of ways. This led into thinking how we can share our faith with those who use quite different language to explain their beliefs. Martyn presided and preached at the final worship which included an Act of rededication. As I left there were a number of things which stay with me and people who are being held in my prayers. Thank you to all of those there for their work and their welcome. Now Martyn has gone hot foot to Europe and I will be up at the crack of dawn to the East Anglia District. Busy but upheld by the prayers and good wishes of those we meet.

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